Lessons for Life Newsletter January 2009


In 2008, support from LfL sponsors allowed 16 children to attend secondary school. This may seem a small number but it is an amazing life changing opportunity. Each year sees them progress from vulnerable teenagers towards becoming mature, confident, independent adults. The pictures opposite show them after the selection process and them at their new school in uniforms!

Please read more about the school they attend and one of the students

Most of the sponsored children came from Banunule Primary School for orphans - the school that inspired us to start Lessons for Life. We have established a firm link with this school that helps select students and communicate with them and the guardians as well as purchasing requirements for the children.

For 2009 we are hoping to find sponsors for another 20+ children (at least 12 from Banunule):

Profiles for the children looking for sponsors in 2009

We select children for sponsorship based on motivation. We think it important that each individual should make the most of the opportunity and we’re pleased to report that this has worked well this year.

The average cost per child for full sponsorship in 2008 was £450 (or £290 for fees-only students). For 2009 the cost will be around 20% higher due to increases in school fees (related to the cost of food) and the fall in the sterling exchange rate.

School of 2008

School of 2008 at Namagungo School