Lessons for Life Newsletter January 2009


We have established an "Assisted Attendance Scheme" at each of the following two schools - keeping over 200 children (whose guardians cannot afford the 'parental contributions) from dropping out of primary school - for just £30 each per year.

The Railway school scheme is funded by Kings School in Macclesfield - a big thank you to them. If you know any other schools who would like to support a school in Uganda in this way, please let us know.

Railway School is also running a “vocational project” to give 120 vulnerable children (who are unlikely to go to secondary school) a chance to learn some useful skills - tailoring, knitting, bakery, and handcrafts. All for just £14 per child per year (plus £8 each of set-up costs).  Those who attended the event in March will have seen some of the excellent handcrafts produced by the children.

Railway School Crafts