Lessons for Life Newsletter January 2009


Regular donations (excluding sponsorships) have now reached £750 per month - an important figure as it directly affects the number of projects we take on.

We cannot adequately thank our regular donors, but please carry on spreading the word. The higher the number of monthly donors, the more certainty we have of future income.

One-off donations in the last 18 months have been a stunning £16K. These can be put to excellent use to fund one-off equipment and set-up costs, but also allows us to take on the above students and projects in 2008 knowing with confidence that the money is there to support them.

We've also been delighted to hear about various events undertaken for the benefit of LfL students – notably the "Plymouth-Dakar" rally, the “3 peaks challenge”, a wine tasting evening, and a treasure hunt. Thanks very much to all the organisers who have put in so much effort.

Web site for donations forms: www.lessonsforlife.org.uk/donate.html

Please remember – none of your donations are used for administration or support costs – these are covered separately so all your donations directly benefit students.

Income to April 2008